Working With ITP

Our expertise is your competitive edge.

Your Time Is Too Valuable to Waste on Misaligned Talent

You are busy and we respect that. You want to partner with a staffing company that will make the hiring process easy. You want a streamlined process where the end result is a new hire who will make positive contributions to your team and to the success of your company.

You are particular about which staffing companies you work with and ITP is particular about the businesses we partner with. We work with companies that are committed to a successful outcome and a successful framework to get the right person hired every time.

The Success Template

A successful hire hinges on upfront agreement and commitment to success from both sides.

It means that we save you time and aggravation by having a fine-tuned agreed upon process that ensures speed to the right hire every time!

Here is an overview of what you can expect.

An in-depth analysis of your current landscape and the detailed needs for each role.
Based on the needs of the role, and your expectations for success, a realistic and effective job description is developed.
We compare needs against market data to determine how to most effectively source and compete for the best talent.
Recruitment of professionals who meet those requirements, both active and passive, using tech, tools, AI, the best recruiters and proprietary resources.
Potential candidates are assessed for experience and alignment, interest level and overall fitness for the role.
Once well-aligned candidates are discovered, ITP recruiters deploy further quality control measures to evaluate candidates in-depth for skills and verify that they are interested in the role and meet the needs of the client.
After you select candidates to interview and extend an offer, we continue to provide transitional support to ensure success.
At ITP, we never cut corners, but we do operate efficiently. With over 25 years of experience, we have mastered the art of balancing fast results and precision. Put our expertise to work for you today.