Hiring Process

This is how we find your ideal opportunities.

What Can You Expect?

When you partner with ITPlacements, you will be matched with a professional recruiter who has in depth knowledge and experience in the technology sector – someone who will advocate for your success throughout the entire process.

Our process is designed to be thorough so we can connect you with opportunities that align with your unique experience and goals, yet also streamlined and transparent, so you get connected to opportunities as quickly as possible.

Hiring Process

Looking for a permanent position or a new contract? We’ve all been there.

At ITP, we respect our candidates. From the time we qualify you for a position, throughout the hiring process, we will coach you and keep you updated, providing feedback as we go along.

When you work with ITP we consider you a partner in the process. We will work with you to highlight your strengths in the best possible way to help you stand out from the crowd, with the goal of getting an interview and to winning the position

Check out our job listings and submit your resume above because we want to be able to find you when we find your perfect job!