Are you finding it difficult to come upon challenges and rewards in your current position? Do you want to further develop your skills and advance your career to the next level? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place.

International Talent Placements (ITP) offers challenging and rewarding full-time and contract positions to professionals with many different skills and levels of experience.

We currently source candidates for leading firms throughout Canada, candidates with skills in Finance and Accounting, Administration and Clerical, Call Centers, and Information Technology. We also source candidates with executive and bilingual skills.

By design, our processes, standards and methodology serve the interests of both our candidates and clients. We are experts in matching our candidate’s skills, interests, and abilities with a client’s business requirements.

We can help you find the best employment opportunity: we are committed to your success.

After registering with ITP you will be contacted by one of our Recruiters.

Our recruiters are human resources professionals with years of experience in the employment market. Recruiters speak first with all candidates, review their resume and discuss their requirements, interests, and goals. Recruiters conduct structured face-to-face and telephone interviews and administer assessment tests if required. They highlight the candidate’s unique skills, accomplishments, and abilities with a view to matching the candidate with available job opportunities.

You and your Recruiter then work with an ITP Account Manager.


Account Managers are professionals in Human Resources and Information Technology. They work with our clients to define job opportunities, identify the job requirements, candidate qualifications, and required soft (e.g. general communication abilities) and technical skills. They know the expectations of the clients and possess in-depth knowledge of their client’s company culture and environment. Account Managers work in tandem with our Recruiters to match the right candidate with the right opportunity, remuneration, supervisor, and corporate culture.

Your background, qualifications, and references are then checked.


At International Talent Placements, we check candidate references and referrals according to rigorous company standards. Moreover, we use online and in-person testing procedures where necessary to establish a candidate’s abilities and aptitude.

Finally, you are prepared for an interview with a selected client.

Account Managers and Recruiters work together to prepare our candidates for the interview with the client. We familiarize candidates with the client’s requirements, environment, and specific needs. We prepare our candidates to effectively present their experience, skills, abilities, and knowledge during the interview.

Throughout the recruitment and interview process our candidate’s confidentiality is strictly maintained. We handle all candidate information with discretion. We always respect candidate privacy and act in accordance with any restrictions the candidate places on the distribution of his or her resume and personal information. We ensure that all candidate information we provide to our client is completely verifiable. And we promise to meet our obligations to our candidates in a timely manner.